Tomorrow's Goals

Here are my goals, what are your goals for tomorrow?

Apply for a few jobs on craigslist

Submit an interest for volunteering at the local tutor center

Paint a new portrait for the art event I may be going to next month to exhibit/sell art stuff

Go see my vocational job specialist to have her look over my artist’s resume and my every-day grad school resume (I have 3: art resume, grad school major resume, and my “Please hire me, I promise I’m not overqualified” resume where I chop off half my education to prevent them from seeing me as overqualified.

Decide the rest of my life’s career path

Go to kickboxing

wash dishes, do laundry, mop

  • Clean house
  • Write paper
  • Study for test
  • Survive house appraisal
  • Go to class
  • Sleep
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eek, that one must be a nailbiter! good luck, may your house be profitable!

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It should be fine! It’s for a refi (going from 30 to 20 years and dropping the rate). But neither I nor my cats are looking forward to having some weirdo wandering around taking pictures of everything for half an hour tomorrow :crying_cat_face: Adulting hard.


Good goals! My goal is to catch a halibut and fill up my freezer before winter

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May the fish bite your hooks non-stop!

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