Tomorrow is Father's Day

I am taking mum and dad for Indian lunch
Haven’t had Indian in long time


Hmm so it is. Mines passed on so have my grandfathers so did miss it. .

Happy fathers day to all the fathers on the board.

(Just drop subtle hints that it’s fathers day in other countries. if your’re not in country that is celebrating it this weekend). Socks, hankies and slippers for all :gift:

Thanks for the update.

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Available now in the lobby. Batteries not iincluded

I forgot to wish you a Happy Father’s Day, Pixel.

I hope you had a good day.

Spent my Father’s Day shooting drag races for a client. Having a make-up Father’s Day this coming weekend. Such is the nature of self-employment, you’ve gotta do the work when you have it. For photographers this translates into a lot of messed up weekends and holidays.


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Oh yeah, I bet. And you gotta work around the weather too, right?

Yep. Yesterday I kind of baked in it. And the day before. Was bright red last night. Kind of a reddish brown this morning and still have a lot of skin surface that hurts, especially in a hot shower.