Tomorrow Is a New Day...It Gets Better

I thought that this would be a good forum where any of you can post before you go to bed if you had a really bad day and need to release emotions and need somewhere to turn. Some days are good and bearable others, not so much. Whether you hear voices like I do or not, have paranoia or depression, this is a great place to post something before you even think to do anything silly (alcoholism, drugs that you shouldn’t use or worse). For some, the voices get worse before you go to bed. It’s 11:38 pm over here and I wanted to have a happy, positive post before I went to bed. Post your favorite positive quote or something that makes you happy! :slight_smile: Thanks for reading and we’re all in this together. God bless all of you!
And my favorite quote: “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. What’s yours? :slight_smile: Good night!

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I have one of my favorite songs playing “ship of fools” by Bob Seger. soothes my soul. he is one of the artists that aren’t on spotify so I had to buy the CD. I hold that against him but I still need to hear that song once in a while.

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just listened to it now. smile thanks for sharing. very relaxing song and lyrics.

wow. I can’t believe you found it…thanks for listening…one of my favorites off his debut album…that and “come to poppa”

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Well mello I think it’s only right if you provide some pics of you .

:slight_smile: with lyrics…gotta love youtube. here you go:
sweet dreams!

I did the selfie post. now you’ve gotta post your favorite quote.

You are beautiful …please share more pics of yourself.

There are many people that are afflicted with sz that feel very bad because there affliction but I sincerely think that pics of you will really help our cause.

thank you for your kind words. I still didn’t get an inspirational quote :wink: Have a good night and be well

“I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs but if a dog doesn’t like someone I believe it”. Bill Murray

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This is my kid sister’s favorite story… I cheers me up too…


I remember kidsis posting this a while back. I love this little story, I’ve told it to many people.

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I don’t think technically this is inspirational but it’s a favorite
quote of mine by Winston Churchill. “If you’re going through hell, keep going”.

Another quote I learned from AA. " Don’t quit ten minutes before the miracle happens".

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