Tomorrow I see a plastic surgeon

When I was extremely manic I got breast implants. Fast forward 7 years and now i deeply regret it. I’ve been having problems in the last few years so I want them removed. I’m hoping it is covered by govt insurance. If not I’m out of luck. I need some good news.


I think over here you’d probably be in luck but not sure about your medical system. Only trouble over here for surgery is huge wait times in the public sphere. I wouldn’t advise you too but I’d be promoting your fragile mental health etc and trying to get on the public lists…You shouldn’t be punished for not having the money but medical is expensive all over the world.

Hope you can sort it out and it always costs you nothing to ask. Except the consult of course.

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Free consult thankfully


If the implants are causing health problems for you, hopefully that will help convince the govt insurance to cover their removal.


@rogueone and @Moonbeam

It is covered by the provincial health so I’m all good. It’s a 6 month wait but she is putting me on the list if someone cancels. So thankful.


That’s very good news @FatMama!

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That’s great that they will do it for you! Six months isn’t awful in the scheme of things. You can do that for the long-term results, surely. I’m so glad you’ll get it taken care of.

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Great result. Very happy for you.

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