Tommorow I need to reach gold in sc2

I only need to win 4 games or less idk and don’t loose today I win 3 games…


You can do it !!

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Thanks for motivation :smiley:

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Damn I am so bored I need to study more of this game today I read on internet and watch YouTube videos how to counter mass void rays and carriers with Zerg. I have more chance to win now I am so proud of myself . But it’s not enough for me I am hungry for Starcraft . This game is so difficult but I enjoi it … when I finish a game I concentrate 100 :100: and then when need to play next Mach I have to have that mindset of a worrier. To win against other players


I am in platinum league.

That’s insane you probably plAy very long and a lot . Does platinum Goes after gold ?

lol yea I played Starcraft 2 back when it first released when it was still Wings of Liberty. I was in Diamond League back then. People got better and my skills slipped overtime. Nowadays I am just platinum.

well done, never had gold for anything before accept swimming lol (and that was a fluke) lol

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