Told my job developer I don't wanna be a tattle tale

They asked for the guys name who verbally abuse me. I told her I don’t want to be a tattletale and I just want it to be over with.


No offense, @Jonnybegood, but that’s really immature imo. Tell them who the jerk is so that idiot can be stopped. Maybe request a meeting with this person and your boss so it can be worked out.
As long as people keep quiet and don’t hold others accountable abuse continues.
I’m really sorry you’re dealing with that, and I’m not saying it’s easy, but you can’t wish this guy away. :heart:

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I don’t know. If it were me I’d do the same thing as @Jonnybegood . Time to just move on…

What was that it’s not immature, protecting myself more than anything. Well anyways I gave his name because she insisted it was necessary for me to do so. She said I’m advocating for myself, or something like that.

I said this too

Maybe the other dishwasher could put up with that rudeness, and it could be part of my Illness but I’m too sensitive to that type of behavior, I can’t put up with that. Especially not on a regular basis and not when I know nothing but rude behavior from an individual. It would be one thing if we are friends and he was joking around, but it seemed he was making judgments of me from the start and didn’t want anything to do with me but criticize. The dude has no idea what I go through and have gone through. To speak to me like that, says a very poor understanding of the world for him imo.


I’ve done the same thing, maybe your counselor is right but I’d just as soon not tell anyone what happened. Then again, I’m somewhat of a coward. Mostly it’s people talking behind my back, so I don’t have anything specific to point to that bothered me. And I’ve encountered care-givers who express doubt that my concerns are genuine,which is understandable given how vague I can be in my language. I’ve actually had one doctor who said I must have been imagining things if I couldn’t pin down what I had heard. Ever since I turned twenty (A good long while ago, mind you) I’ve developed this difficulty in relating my experiences in anything more than vague mentions. It’s hard to explain. So there’s three facets to my difficulty in reporting to people.

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I told her one thing he said to me and she thought it was completely awful he would say it to me. i’m lucky they believe me and are supportive as they are. Thanks for your post though.

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Even if you did not want to, it is important. If they dont know then they might think putting another person there in your postion would be ok. Then that person would have to deal with it.

You did good.

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I misunderstood your clarity and insistence, @Jonnybegood. I thought you were shying away from getting someone in trouble. I apologize for my thinking it was immature. It actually sounds like you were very clear and handled it well.
I can’t stand to hear that someone is being pushed around/abused in any way. My kids at school are always worried about being seen as “snitches” so they endure and/or witness abuse and don’t tell… It’s a sensitive issue for me. :heart:

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