Told friend

I told my friend about my problems and I am worried it Will put her off

Relax if she like who you are it shouldn’t be a big deal. Especially if it’s just a friendship. Doesn’t hurt to know someone who sz.


Yea…I think it wouldn’t hurt too much about revealing a mental illness…unless it’s just too some people you feel you couldn’t trust to reveal…


I think that if sz tells a normal person about his/her problems, these normal people will eventually go away, they do not want to associate with people who have mental illnesses.

just keep it generic and itll be all good. terms like imbalance, or ups and downs etc…

that sounds like a indirect but good way to reveal…I think if the person really treats you as a friend he/she might not mind about the mental diagnosis,but it’s sure tricky whether to reveal or not,I chose not to anyone currently

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I think if you make light of it , like make it to be out to not be a huge deal then it’ll be fine.

I’m comfortable to the point where I can joke with close family about it.

The other day I was wearing mismatched socks and my dad said . “So who made the decision to wear those socks today, you or them?”

So I smiled and then went to check with them as I’d checking in my head, “oh they said it was me, I made the choice”

Then we laughed


You know, I have a certain online friend (Of eight years) that when I am really struggling with something I will message him about it, not hyperbolyzing the issue at all, just kind of saying the bare minimum while still conveying the required amount of information to understand what is going on. I will not get a response from him. I panic and wonder what he thinks, if I said too much, or if it was inappropriate. Then I send him something irrelevant to my well being, like a funny fact, or a picture of an artwork, news story, anything. To which he usually responds right away and regular conversation is resumed, until I talk about mental issues again. To which there is again, no response. All this is strange because he has a mental illness as well, and when he talks about it, I acknowledge his issues and respond to them. I guess some people get uncomfortable when other people have issues and don’t know how to deal with them, or what to say. Maybe they think what they will say will make the problems worse. Who knows.

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I’ve seen “normal” people that act crazier than me and some were obviously mental to some degree they just never considered it or if they did quickly discarded the notion.

Society calls there weirdness idiosyncratic and is acceptable…but a schizophrenic? Who comes to the mind of a normal person when it come up? Wel, think about it who in popular movies hears voices?.

I dont tell anybody in person the net is the only place I can be myself and admit it.

Im sure you’ll be fine though just don’t whip out any axes or chainsaws around her and if you do be slow and deliberate.

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that was hilarious haha


i await a reply from her trepidly lol

I told an old friend from high school about my mental illness and she just doesn’t talk to me now. When i was first diagnosed i told a fried who i knew from school she was a good friend we had a lot in common but as soon as she found out i was mentally ill she stopped hanging around me. It’s bothersome when the people you trust the most aren’t there for you when you need them. I hope that doesn’t happen to you.

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the girl in question is really nice, i don’t think she would worry as she knows me pretty well and knows that its not a problem much now, i just hope i haven’t blown it with her, maybe i am being stupid,

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Relax dude im sure its fine. This will prove or disprove whether shes a genuine good egg. If she cant handle the reality that mental illness is out there, then she should â– â– â– â–  off.