Told a guy in aa by text I was sz

Pretty much told him I started believing in God through my sz and that I believe God was sending me proof of his existence through psychosis to get me through tough times. Told him about some of my delusions. And that now I want to make it my life goal to help people. I even mentioned the forum. He said.

Jon. Great text… we should talk more about these things…keep in touch :thumbsup:

He even used by favorite emoji :ghost: :thumbsup:


That’s great @turningthepage

It’s good to be able to talk.

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I would ask this guy to be my sponsor but I know he’s gonna berate me with telling me not to go to school

I’d ask anyways. You need a sponsor and maybe the fear of him telling you not to go to school is because you have your own doubts about going.

I don’t have my doubts, it’s just “you’re not supposed to make any big changes in your life in the first year of sobriety”. So I know he’ll push that on me but I don’t want to listen. Call me names for it, but it’s my life after all.

Yeah, but you already made up your mind to go regardless even if you had to go local. So if it comes up tell him the same. Just say you respect his opinion, but you need to further your education. You have taken all the precautions you can by getting into substance-free housing so it would be no different than being around anyone in public. As long as you can keep up with the meetings, I think you’ll do fine. When things get tough, go to more meetings.

I don’t think he will call you names. That would be against sobriety putting you under stress like that. Sponsors are there to support you and help you through it.

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Thanks for the input/advice! It’s much appreciated and wise thinking by you.