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Teacher: OK class today we’re going to talk about the ending to “Dr. Zhivago”. What does the kiss Lara does on the dead body of Dr. Zhivago" represent?
Student #1- Hey that wasn’t in the movie.
Student #2- Eeeewww gross.
Student #3- The reason people back then didn’t live as long?
Teacher- No it represents eternal love.
Student #4 (to his girlfriend)- Will you kiss my corpse when I die.
girlfriend- No if you have 3 wives like the Doctor had I’ll slap it.
Teacher- No you guys are not getting it.
Student #6- I get it. Literature is a waste of time.
Teacher- If you don’t get it you’ll fail.
Student #7- Will it be on the test?
Teacher- That’s it. I quit.
Student#1- Good. We’ll get a new teacher now.
Substitute teacher: My name is Mr. Bonkers. From now on we’ll just do the movies.
Students: Yeaaaa!!!
(The story ended well for the students but was considered a tragic day for literature.)


Ha, ha, I can relate. I was a teacher in Danish literature for a short while (college).
The first time i mentioned the word “culture” a student asked what that word meant.

I read once that literary analysis is like dissecting a frog: you learn a lot about the frog but at the end of the day you are just left with a dead frog

I’m with the students. :sweat_smile:

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