Today we decide who REALLY is "Dirty Dan"

I’ve seen a thread like this and it does really well. Let’s aruge about who is Dirty Dan.

I’m Dirty Dan

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I’m totally confused, but that happens easily.

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I’m Dirk Diggler. Okay? Okay.

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Ah, but that’s not possible my friend, as I am Dirty Dan


I am Dirty Dan obviously. I will kick your *ss if you said you are Dirty Dan.

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You can’t kick the butt of Dirty Dan as I am Dirty Dan.

I’m gonna let you think you’re Dirty Dan because that’s what Dirty Dan would do.

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I find that unfair and not what I, as Dirty Dan, would do.

Danial is flying tonight on a plane,
I can see the red tailights, heading for Spain.
And I can see Danial waving goodbye.

That’s exactly what Dirty Dan would say.


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Stop talking about yourself in the third person, Dirty Dan. That’s right my friend, I know who you are. You the real MVP.

Exactly? Exactly.

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