Today....Was almost....The Greatest!

So had a really chill day today. Day off the weights and exercise so will do my minimum 13,000 steps but it was a good day just relaxing. Played some computer games. Had a nice burger for lunch. Talked to some wonderful people. Think I might order a pizza for dinner and just finish the day off with a bang!..I’d put today up with my top 10 days of my entire existence it was that good!..Corgan pretty much summed it all up…


It’s great you had a good day @rogueone, more power to ya.

BUT this song sounded familiar and I remembered it was on a list of most misunderstood songs.

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Yeah…he captured a moment quiet well. " I want to turn you on " There’s a bit of a story with this one for sure.


I should add…the irony is not lost on me. This album came out just right around my first depresssive break where I first sought psychiatric care and had 6 months off on stress leave at the time. I dig what your saying.


I am happy you had a great birthday. Thanks for sharing. :heart:


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