Today was a peaceful day

It rained often and so I was not able to ride my bicycle. I am a little sad that summer is soon over. Then we have winter that lasts from October to April, yes six months. I am glad that I rode my bicycle a lot in this summer. Today has been a very peaceful day. I have started reading Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. It has 1000 pages and I read it when I feel okay. It may take many months to finish reading the book.

Do you like to chat?


Hi. That looks like it would be fun to read. The weather is starting to cool off here in Minnesota also. I only mowed my grass one time this year and it is not very long there was not much rain. I didn’t do a lot of walking this year. I just signed up for a gym membership.

I have had a peaceful day today as well so far. It is raining where I live as well.

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Your weather is quite similar to our weather here in Finland. I once lived one year in Upper Peninsula, Houghton and Hancock, Michigan. It snowed a lot and in Saturday evenings I had nothing else to do than going to the computer lab of the university and play with the BITNET, this was in 1989-1990 before the Internet became mainstream and popular.

It is going to rain here until the mid of the next week.

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I have sleeping difficulties and having coffee after mid-night does not help although I have noticed I can sleep better if I have coffee in the evening. Do not know why it is like that. I am going to listen to the whole audio book at the same time when I read the book in Finnish, so I can practice two languages. I used to know more Russian but I forgot it when I was in the States and I have not tried to refresh my Russian. Would be interesting to read this Tolstoy’s book in his native language.

I’m Michigan we also have 6 month winters most years. I don’t mind winter but I don’t like ice storms and icy roads

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