Today was a good day at work. How was yours? What do you do?

Today was a good day at work. Low stress and I wasn’t dying to leave by the end. Just coasted.

I work in a warehouse that fabricates granite counter tops. Zero customer interaction for me which is good at this point. I just wish it wasn’t so LOUD with all the pneumatic polishers whizzing and saws grinding all day. We get to wear headphones though. All my jobs in the past were customer related and people are nuts.

I am grateful I kept my job through FEP. I missed that whole week but had doc notes. Then missed a couple days here and there as I got stable. They were understanding. My health insurance will kick in this month and I can make some needed appointments for blood work etc.

How was your day and what do you do if you don’t mind sharing a bit. Thanks! Here’s to a good tomorrow as well!

Today was the best day in the past three years. I took a vacation day.


I’d agree a good day. Just keeping on my routine and getting really good at getting all my exercise done early. Feeling good. Jogged 6 km’s today and feeling fit.


my day has begun with good. i am exercising and enjoying it.

starting my day with exercise helps me a whole lot.

glad to read you guys are doing so well.

judy :smile: :laughing: :rofl: :joy: :kissing_closed_eyes:

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