Today the most amazing thing happened, a lost ring

I am not joking, but telling what really happened. I left my place on my bike to see my father at the elderly care facility. On my way to this facility I noticed that one of my three rings in my fingers had fallen off somewhere. I thought I had lost it forever. Typically, I have one ring in each little finger and one larger ring in my right middle finger. The bicycle ride from my place to this elderly care facility is about five kilometers one way. When I had visited there and rode my bicycle back to my place, I suddenly started talking aloud by myself and I said ‘Where might I have lost the ring?’’ and then while riding my bike I looked at the ground and I saw my lost ring at this exact moment. This was some 300 meters from my place. The ring could have fallen off anywhere, but how did I start talking alone and how did I find this ring just like that? This is one amazing story and it really happened today.


That is truly miraculous - if one believes in miracles. You are really lucky, and yes that is amazing

That’s awesome! Total synchronicity that you looked down at the exact moment at the exact spot and found it.

I have a ring story but it doesn’t have such a happy ending. In 2009 my wifes wedding band was lost at the river we sometimes went to swim and fish in. We knew exactly where and looked and looked but never found it.
In 2012 I was playing with the kids in the same river, same exact spot and my wedding band slipped off and went under in about 1 foot deep water. It was all small rocks on the bottom. We looked and looked and never found that one so now both wedding rings were lost and in the same spot.
I worried about it being a sign and my wife assured me the rings were just material things, so i shouldn’t get too worried about them, though she also wished we hadn’t lost them like that.
Less than a year later after I lost my ring she was gone :frowning:

I’d say you had a chemical bond with that ring !

Similar things have happened to me. It could be that you unconciously remember the ring coming off of your finger in that particular setting (sorry for the pun).

It’s good that you found it. There’s something about a lost ring -

Maybe your ring went missing because it went looking for your wife’s ring?

I thought I lost my engagement ring and I was really upset. I looked everywhere. Then one day I was running and I looked at my keys to see what was rubbing on my finger. My engagement ring had been wedged in one of those rings that attach all the keys to the lanyard that whole time…

@mjseu, that is a wonderful story to hear! It makes me so happy you got your ring back. I personally believe the ring was contacting you and you tuned into it at the right time-hurray!

@e_lunaseer, don’t think of your rings as lost, you know exactly where they are.
Just because you don’t physically possess them, they are together in spirit,forever, just like they are supposed to be.

Interesting theory… because it was in the same exact spot…

Went into a river just like in Lord of the Rings…someday will be found by someone, but 2 rings, not one…rings of power…Or, one ring will be found and always draw the finder to seek the other ring…muhahaha…

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