Today my spouse says when I talk to my nephew and neice

I am not making sense and having word salad. In my mind I am making complete sense. Any one else know if they are experiencing or knowing if they have word salad?

So we had a discussion cause this has been ongoing and seems like the more I try to socialize the more I’m encountering this problem and he nudges me with an elbow when this happens and I’m supposed to know to stop talking.

Do you mean that the sentence you hear in your mind is different than the one other people hear? Or do you mean that you say the exact words you meant to say, but they make more sense in your head?

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Yeah, I think word salad relates to thought disorganization or thought disorder, and alogia (poverty of thought/speech).

If I have low working memory, then translating thoughts into verbal words can get mixed up or juxtaposed. So I rely on the subconscious/unconscious.

Uh, something like that.

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My head hurts so much from today. I do have disorganized thoughts and confusion.

But when I am speaking and experiencing disorganized thoughts, I can’t finish sentences. I lose track and get lost of what I was trying to communicate, sometimes completely going blank other times working so hard to try to communicate making up words.

But when I am speaking fluently and nonstop, I don’t have the sense of disorganization I feel aware of my thoughts and what I’m trying to say and don’t get lost so being told I’m making loose association all the way to word salad, confuses me and angers me, and am not sure I agree.

Today, it really bugged me because my spouse is using this issue to tell me it might be time to let my family know of my SZ. And I do not want to. I think he thinks one day I will be ready but I know I never will be.

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No need to come out before you’re ready. No need to ever be ready. There might be a time when your behavior outs you, but you could always just pull a Kanye West and say you were dehydrated, or a Lady Gaga and say you have Lyme disease…

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