Today is the Kentucky Derby!

It’s time folks…don’t forget to tune in…I don’t have cable…darnit…!!


Wooo, horse olympics! I’m looking forward to the hats. Maybe a pims cup.


I missed it. Never been a betting man so no biggie.

Me: What state is this held in?

Friend: Uh Kentucky…that’s why it’s called the Kentucky Derby.

lol my clueless moment today

I watched it too!


I caught a tiny bit of it. Like 6 hours of broadcasting for a 2 minute race :roll_eyes:

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medina spirit won, as the jocky john r velazquez rode for the big moment he yield .

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I just watched it on YouTube. Medina Spirit never lost the lead, did she.

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@jukebox thanks for the idea, i saw a couple races

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