Today is the anniversary of my job start☺

I used to work as cleaner at hospital since 2 years and this is the anniversary of my job makes lot of benefit to me.i can spend my money without dependence anyone and i feel stronger.and my human interactions take my delusions away with a good drugs delusions nearly finished because of human interactions.i dont feel myself super handsome or super ugly anymore.i m just a person like all people around me and its feel great.what i want to say is getting a job can reduce some delusion away and if you have opportunity to take a job it better you get


Mine is half year, exactly like yours, on the 19th. What a coincidence.

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Yeah really great for you!

I don’t work. It’s hard for me as I freak out and get paranoid and have little skills in the scheme of things! Keep on keeping on. If you find something where you can fit in your betting half this disorder!

Schizophrenia sux. But I like people who are taking it on head on!

a friend in the struggle,