Today is National work harder day!

What is one thing you wish you would harder on in your life?

For me I think it’s putting an effort into counteracting my depression. Sometimes I just wallow in my misery instead of trying to help myself.

I need to work harder on countering the negative symptoms. I allow them to be very present in my life. Also I need to work on being more focused on other stuff besides the illness.

I need to work harder on attaining a level of physical fitness.


Scrooge McDuck always said work smarter, not harder. He actually had good advice there for being a Disney cartoon character in the '90s.

Take for instance you send out 10 emails manually each day that are a form letter. Instead of doing that manually you can make a script to do it for you where you can even send out 10,000 with no effort and you now have that time to focus on better things.

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