Today is my re-birthday

Today is December 30th… This makes it year 6 officially. Six years ago today I almost managed to actively leave this life. But my then 12 year old sis found me, called 911, did CPR and rescue breathing and first aid and I made it.

When I woke up in hospital after what I had done to myself and I could see how freaked out my family was, something in my head finally shifted. It was my honest to goodness second and last chance I had to stay sober, stay off drugs, take my meds, go to therapy without argument, understand that my family really was trying to help me, and that I needed to manage my sz instead of IT managing me.

I’m still here, and MAN am I grateful. I know there are others in the world who are so sad and angry about having SZ. I get angry at how much cognitive ability I’ve lost and how my day feels harder then “normal” people. But it passes. I am SO happy to still be alive.

My family treats today as the turning point. We sort of celebrate it as the day I finally got my head out of my butt and decided to live.

It took a bit to get the meds right, but when that fell into place… Wow, what an amazing six years it’s been. (the last two especially have been really surprising.) Sure, there are some glitches and some new gifts from my head circus, but for the most part… I’m having the time of my life.

Many positive things have come out of my darkest times. As I stay alive, I get to see how much better it can get. So today I’ll burn some items of negativity from that dark day, spend today with my family and thank them for standing by me still, and appreciate the fact that I’m still here.


That’s beautiful, J. You are an inspiration to all of us. And an example of strength and perseverance.

I hope you enjoy this day to the fullest! And look forward to many more happy times in the future :slight_smile:



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Happy re-birthday too you J…it’s soo nice moment to remember when we decide to live…i hope u get a better life as years go by…best wishes.

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That is wonderful. Life is precious, and you seem to be conquering the obstacles that sometimes get in the way.
You really are an inspirational person. Congratulations on your re birhday.

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Happy rebirthday. You have a lot of courage, and a voice that I would think a lot of people benefit from. I’m new here, but I’m glad you’re still here all the same I find a lot of your posts inspirational. and please pardon the pun I couldn’t avoid it.

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Thank your sis for us eh x lol

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That’s so great J. Your words are truly inspiring to all of us. :slight_smile: I also have a reborn day myself. March 11th two days after my actual b day. It’s great the last 6 years have treated you well. :slight_smile:

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That’s great J. I’m glad you survived so you could experience what you are experiencing now.

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Happy re-birthday J. May you find the rest of your life worth living. Eat some cake for me too.
Does this mean you have two bellybuttons? (Like those born-again people).

Two belly buttons… that would be interesting…

Have you taken a look?

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Thank you all for positive thoughts and thumbs up. It went well. Everyone in my family is healing a little more every year. Just that fact that people are getting better and every year for me lately has been better then the last. :sunny: