Today is my higher calorie day

I’m getting pizza. I eat 1400 calories on my high calorie day once a week. 1200 on all the other days. It helps keep my body from getting used to 1200. It’s like a metabolism boost


I just read that the min calories for men is 1500 and 1200 for women. I eat about 1600 most of the days and about 1800 on other days. Thats good considering that I was eating 3500-4000 calories 3 months ago.


Yeah @Aziz. That’s great! I thought 1600 was the bare minimum for men. I knew it was more than the women’s 1200, but not that it was only 1500

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I set my calorie target area to less than 1500

Men shouldn’t go below 1500. Women shouldn’t go below 1200. Good luck with your diet @Wave!

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I eat about 1600 calories and am slowly putting on weight. I am male and it annoys me intensely. :frowning:

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That’s awful @labratmat. When I was on Seroquel, I had the same problem. I hated that drug. It’s probably whatever AP you’re taking causing it

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Yes indeedy! Bloody aps… :frowning:

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