Today is mental health day

i hv just known from facebook


I still doubt something will change…

Nice token but mental health doesn’t just switch off for the other days of the year.

Raising awareness will take more.

Guess there are any number of causes people can attach themselves too


I like not having a trial to my name of schizophrenia. Yet schizophrenia is nothing to be ashamed of. Before I was diagnosed I thought those with mental health problems were “bad”, people that were abusive and so on (in delicate language). We need more people like that mentioned in the excellent article “Successful and schizophrenic” (on NY Times) , people that can “break the mold”.

Treat your local schizophrenic to breakfast at Denny’s to celebrate.


Logic has done a lot to bring awareness to mental health, he has a song that’s titled as the suicide prevention number in the us. Atleast he’s making a move to help.

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Yes I was so excited! I thought the Saturday health show would have something about mental illness but they just had the usual f***ing covid sh!t.

Would have been nice to do something special but had to celebrate alone. Had a good day today - a mentally healthy day :blush:

I guess that’s celebration enough!

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