Today is coffee day for me! ☕

I can only have a cup of coffee a week as I’m sensitive to it. :joy: Any more than that and I end up feeling bad and hungover.

But Friday is my coffee day now.

It acts as a pick me up.

I’ve just had my coffee. Wheeeeee! Happy times!


You know it wasn’t until I started taking Abilify that I had to cut down on my coffee do to over sensitivity I’m a drink a cup 4 times in a month my morning coffee today is a diet soda and the caffeine ferments doesn’t seem to be bothersome to me I have a telemed appointment this morning where is I see the doctor online at 8:30 I wish you a bright and beautiful day Zen


Hmmm… I wonder if it’s due to Abilify then? :thinking:

I wish you a good day too DrZen! :sunny:

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I wonder why that is? I can drink coffee all day every day and I’ll only have insomnia for a while at night.

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wow good for you…I need coffee alllll the time. haha


I can only have 1 cup a week also
so i have it on my cheat day which is sunday
i can only have one because it jacks my sugar high and im diabetic

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