Today is a rough day for me

The tv is talking about me again and the whole world is watching me. My mom is talking bad about me and she wants something to hurry up and happen to me. This is devastating and a tough way to live.

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Contact your psychiatrist immediately.
You don’t sound well.

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Hey Prettyrose
Did you get a change in antipsychotics yet. Which one

I have to wait 2 weeks. But what I’m going through feels so real. I really believe I have a camera or microphone on me. And it’s really only because I hear the people around me talking about me. I just feel like this the end of the world.

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Seroquel and it made my thoughts pop outside my head so it didn’t help.

Oh sorry to hear that.
These meds usually take a few weeks to help apparently to kick in so they say.
It’s good to have tried a new med cos u were on that other one n that one wasn’t working


If you can’t wait the 2 weeks then go to the ER.
They will help you.


Sorry to hear you’re still dealing with this. I hope things clear up for you soon, you might need to try a different medicine combo every couple months until you land on something that works. A good psychiatrist is important.


I second the ER. They may be able to give you some relief. You don’t have to suffer from this. Best wishes.


Sorry Wave. I didn’t mean to reply to you.


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