Today I turned 50

my daughter informed me that I am officially a fossil. Not happy to be 50 but also not sad. I have gone far so far. Looking forward to recovery.


Nice… Cogradulations

Congrats - this June I passed that Mark

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Happy Birthday you old thing x
My next major milestone x

Happy birthday…I hope I hit 50 one day with a kid like you. It’s a nice accomplishment to be honest.

Congratulations to you as well! We could form a club! Wonder how many members we would have?

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Happy birthday! :birthday:

Happy birthday @orange!

Happy birthday and welcome to the “50 and over club” I prefer the term “well seasoned” to “fossil.”

I will be 51 in a few days, and with the exception of the common aches and pains (and occasional zit-just when do those things go away for good?) I wouldn’t trade this age for any number younger.

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Happy Birthday!

i wish you another 50 years :+1:

The women mainly are the ones who propagate. Socially it is acceptable for women to be crazy and men will have sex with them, unlike how it is for men when it comes to the prospects of getting laid.

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Case in point, way more homeless men than homeless women. Let’s face it, women have it easier.

I turned 53 in April…it’s not so bad.


Well done man. I hope to get there too

Happy Birthday :balloon: :cake:

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! Do we have the same birthday? I turn 26 today.

Happy Birthday to you too. (I can barely remember being 26)

Happy Birthday @orange, and @astefano!

Many, many more. Have a blessed day.