Today I see my favorite relative for the first time in 6 years

My cousin Danny!!! I grew up sleeping over at his house in Pelham bay in the Bronx. He’s two months younger than me. He’s had a kind of tough go at it. His dad in and out of being incarcerated and drug addicted his whole life. Well he didn’t reverse his fortune much. He used to get arrested a lot then got addicted to opiates and heroin. Well story goes, he’s been living in Cali the last 6 years in rehabs/detoxes/sober houses.

But today he’s come to visit. For thanksgiving.

It’s good I’m taking some time off from my thc use to recover from surgery so I can be clear headed around him. Instead of teasing/tempting him and stuff. I know he can’t do any drugs, not even weed or alcohol or else it’ll lead him down a bad path. We used to smoke Pot together every thanksgiving.

So it’s good I will be completely sober too the next few days around my cousin Danny.

We are both survivors :v:


Enjoy Thanksgiving!

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Cool! My best friends are my cousins, too! I grew up with them, all living in the same neighborhood and we went to the same grade school and high school together. I now live on the other side of town from them, but if anyone knows about Eugene, Oregon, it’s not that big of a town, and I can still ride my bike over to see most of them. A few have since moved to Portland, and one moved to Seattle. I don’t get to see them as often as I would like. But they’re supposed to be coming to our grandparents’ house today for Thanksgiving, so I should get to see them today.

Have a fun Thanksgiving with your cousin!

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