Today I met a transgender woman

She was wearing a dress. I was taken aback at first but she was so kind that within minutes I felt comfortable around her.

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How did you know he was transgender?

It takes a very long time for me to be comfortable around folks, then again, that’s just me. Regardless of what they’re wearing.

Make sure you stay safe! As a mentally ill person you might find it harder to judge.

Of course, you know yourself the best.

A good idea is to avoid conflict at all costs. Especially conflict which is generated out of nothing by others and serves no purpose other than to get people upset and fighting.

Are you sure you don’t mean a transgender woman? Transgender men are people who were assigned female at birth, but identify as men. Transgender women were assigned male at birth, but identify as women.

The proper etiquette is to refer to them as the gender they identify as, not the one you think they were born looking like.

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This political correctness is killing me

It’s just a little confusing to get used to. It gets easier with practice. There’s nothing bad about wanting to make people feel comfortable.


Damn you’re so smart :crazy_face:

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I’ve just had a lot of practice. Most of my friends are transgender.

Maybe he was a transman whose gender expression included wearing a dress.

Only @Loke knows if she spoke to him/her.

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Yeah. My old roommate is a trans man who enjoys wearing dresses occasionally. But I also know the terminology can be confusing, which is why I posted that. I used to mix up the terms all the time, on accident.


I don’t have friends or use social media…

I live at home with my parents!

I don’t know anything about transgender :pensive:

He was a man wearing women’s clothes

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Can you change my title to woman?

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No problem. I also went ahead and edited the pronouns for you :blush:

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