Today I met a man I had met in hospital at the bus stop following my interview

He thought they had implanted a chip in his head. I think he is better now. He has stayed out of hospital but he still takes his pills. We did bond in hospital. We both thought the people on tv violated us. He is a much more elderly man. He is in his fifties.


I met a guy I was in hospital with too (not today though). He seemed pretty stable in hospital. Seemed to be doing ok.

How’s your dating life going, Diana_Ross? Any progress? :slight_smile:

Well I am meeting the man I met on Friday evening for dinner tomorrow. We’re going for Chinese. Yum! He is a health and safety officer. Then I will be dating a man on Saturday evening who is an accountant. There are a few men actually who I am talking to. It’s going well. But I always fall for the wrong man. It’s always an authority figure of some kind.


Well, any kick in the butt is a step forward. You’ll stumble upon the right one eventually :wink:

Also I saw in another thread that you are going to start a job soon. Fingers crossed it goes well !

Keep us posted !

And how are things in your life Andrey?

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I single…

Lol pedro @Diana_Ross7 is most beautiful girl i saw pic of her on the site
Good luck homie

That’s impossible. I never posted a pic.

Taking baby steps toward a better life. I am now studying Android programming. I was a computer programmer before sz so it comes easier. I want to start freelancing from home soon. Wish me luck :blush:

Other than that, my social life has been ok lately too. The only hiccup is my low libido which prevents looking for a girlfriend…

Strange i thought i saw a pic of u in “post a selfie”

Great. Good luck…

You sound busy, Diana. I hope the dates are a success this week. Please let us know what happens. Details are good :wink: