Today I go to Paris

Well, I’ll watch one movie that was filmed in Paris … so in my mind I’ll go to Paris … :smile:,So_Below(film)


I like HORROR movies too…!!!

I have not watched many horror movies, but this is different …

I liked that movie.

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Started sleeping early last night, watched the movie today, it was one of the weirdest movies I have ever seen, in the end there were triangles like in my triangle game, if you want to watch a really weird movie, I recommend, it was the short trip to the catacomps of Paris.

As above, so below is a masonic motto.

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When I was in Paris helping my (ex) at a show, I so wanted to visit the Catacombs, he didn’t, and we ended up at Euro Disney instead.
What a let down for me, so close, yet so far away.

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“The Simple Life”. “A Night in Paris”.

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Yep, there were some old Templar symbols in the movie.

Damn, that’s pretty rough what you just said.

You had to give up the catacombs for disney?