Today I go see a psychiatrist

After living in a van and not having medical insurance where I live
The medical has finally transferred this morning!
Im hoping to be put on a small AP
To help with all this …
Im hoping to start using D.E.N
Also to help poténciate the effects of the AP .
I’ll be able to use it
Because of the D2 blockage
Perhaps no more dopamine sensitivity…

I hope to get a small dose of abilify to see if that works…


I’m on abilify. I don’t find it as effective as paliperidone.

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whats the diff between paliiperidone and risperidone they sound the same

Good luck at your appointment. I hope the pdoc offers you a good solution to your problems.

Good luck!

I’m not a fan of Abilify though. Paliperidone is pretty asymptomatic for me.

I am seeing my new psychiatrist this Friday at 11 am. I have to bring my medication.

Tell him I said “Hi”. He’ll know what I mean.

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