Today I discovered the real nature of the logos

Is it plausible, I ask you, that the traditional Christian identification between christ and the logos could be misinformation propagated by the devil? I hypothesise that the logos is the ‘conversation’ the devil and I are having in the desert as we speak. The very conversation that brings this fake universe into existence. Heterodox theology or delusion? If the latter, what should I do?

If my therapist happened to read this, she would not answer your question but rather ask you whether or not these thoughts were helpful.

I wouldn’t waste time on these thoughts, these speculations lead to nothing.

Go back on your meds ?

To which I’d meekly reply, yes, my fair lady, for it abets my humble efforts to unlock the mysteries of the creation

They might lead to gnosis.

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Thanks, but I’d rather not.

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I don’t know what she’d say to that, lol.

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I don’t know, it’s knowledge built on hypotheses. Which doesn’t seem to lead to any solution of those hypothetical problems.

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I see your point, but it’s my personal experiences we’re talking about. Years ago Satan visited me in a lucid dream and spilled the beans.

The the television series Supernatural, featuring the fictional brothers Dean and Sam Winchester killing various devils and other supernatural beasts had at least one episode about a horror movie set, challenging the boundary between real fictional horror and fictional fictional horror. This blurring of the distinction between horror and fiction was in parallel with the a homoerotic crush that the director had on one of the leading brothers.

It seemed to me that the homoerotic crush was portrayed as being more scary than the horror at any level of fictionality, and scarier still would have been the incestual homoerotic crush between the two brothers featured in a lot of “Wincest” fan fiction.

What I cam trying to say is, some aspects of reality can be scarier than more conventional horror, such as “Satan.”

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To be fair I’m not really scared of the devil, he needs me and prevents me from dying. Ultimately we are both former parts of the pleroma. But I could be trolling, The truth be said I don’t know why I say these things. I’ve never watched Supernatural by the way, maybe I should give it a chance.