Today I am not feeling depressed

Yesterday I was depressed, but today I am not feeling depressed. Some days are like this. Today I have had funny voices, but I try to ignore these voices.


Yay no voice hip hip hurrey… yay not so depressed hip hip hurrey…!!

Sometimes voices are just so funny that they make me to laugh. Some voices seem to be triggering some depressive thoughts.

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What is the best way you have found to deal with your voices? So you can keep your good day?

I think that meds help me a lot, but I still hear voices sometimes, I mostly ignore these, I am not going to discuss these voices here, because I discuss these with my pdoc and pnurse.

I’m sorry. I didn’t meant to make you uncomfortable. But I am glad you have people you trust enough that you can talk to :slight_smile: That is important in getting well.

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