Today i am lazy

i played a little video games through day but now it is 20.30 and i feel lazy. should i play more ? i couldnt pass few levels, i am angry :smiley:

today… i can’t think
i’ve read about 10 pages of the book and gave up
not my day

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las week i read 5 pages of a book in english… but i now dont read anymore couse i dont see a point to read…i would read if i want to be more creative or have better imagination… or to learn english…how many pages do you read other days? what book you are reading ?i want to beat that level i didnt passed throuh but its not fun anymore

i’m studying for an exam next month… it’s called “theory of culture” and i have to read excerpts from many books.
i haven’t been reading books for about 8 years. now when i said it - it’s not that strange i can’t think now. :smiley:
it all started with tianeptine that abolished anhedonia for the most part so i don’t feel blockade toward reading anymore. what a relief!
these days most i manage to read is around 20-30 pages of well written theory.

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I’m lazy everyday. I only do certain things: prayer, meditation, social media, piano playing, reading, and yoga. And that is it. I don’t like to do anything else. Every once in a while, I might pet or kiss my cat.

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