Today I am 25

C’mon ttp relaaaax

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I am always relaxed I take klonopin

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Bwahahahaha :smiling_imp: I guess guys really care for their ego. @Sarad is the devil in disguise

She’s masih al dihajj

And yes you’re right

I feel I deserve apology

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Once a guy told me he’s in love with me. I told him he should get a clever wife. :smiling_imp:

That masih al digajj creeped me out big time once. I thought it was me and i had one eye on my forehead! Oh my god…

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Nah I made light of it

It was my rap name for a lil while

Then I became baby face hellson (there was an American gangster named baby face nelson)…I thought it was pretty clever…

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These religious delusions suck full time!

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Sorry that you feel that way
There is only one thing to say
Every silver linings
Got a touch off grey!

■■■■ I’ve listened to this song 50 times in a row

Happy 25 1/2 birthday! I don’t celebrate half birthdays myself, but if it is a good milestone for you, treat yourself well today. I sort of celebrate semesters being over by having a drink or four and someone else driving every winter break, which is like a half birthday in a way? My birthday is in the middle of the year so hey I sort of do it too.

Keep up the progress and be well!

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