Today has been a great day

It is my birthday and I am now 49 years old. The weather has been great and the sun has been shining. The outdoor flea market was a success and I got what I wanted. There were a lot of people, many people selling and many buying. This is interesting from the historical perspective because already over 100 years earlier people were selling and buying things quite close to the area where today’s flea market was. The commercial life became more active in the 1920s in my town and people were able to purhase goods from other stores than the factory store alone. I took two pictures today from the bridge that connects two main centers of the town together; the waterways have always been very important for my town here in Eastern Finland.


So beautiful! Glad you had a nice day! Happy Birthday, @mjseu :sunflower:We’re the same age for four months. :grin: