Today has been a great day

It is -2 C and I have been riding my bicycle, I went to a couple of flea markets and then I went to one store that sells old items such as paintings. I bought one Samurai painting for 15 euros, I think it was good. Now I am listening to one radio station that plays always music from the 1980s. I am feeling quite okay and now I am having more coffee. :smile:


Itโ€™s cold here today as well with 4 C.

Glad youโ€™re still able to ride your bike and that you purchased something you fancied.

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Iโ€™m having a good morning myself :coffee:. Was very stressed yesterday

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I have visited this store selling old items for many years. They are just two hundred meters from my place and I have wanted to buy this Samurai painting for a few years and today they reduced the price of the painting to 15 euros and I bought it. It looks quite good.


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