Today, doctor seems like bought torture

Not healing at all. I just get hurt.

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I used to get upset when psychiatrists would put me on meds I didn’t want.

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Oh, well, if I didn’t have a problem, I wouldn’t be in his office. My bad as well.

My anxiety is lessened when I go onto this site and publish some posts. My parents have said not to post anything online about schizophrenia, so I had to scrub my Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. I still have to do YouTube…

I don’t have a problem with my psychiatrists, they are doing a job and doing it in a way expected, yet I do wonder what they think we are doing each day. No job, no prospect of a job, no training etc. Do they think they can continue prescribing medications indefinitely?

I know. It’s like idle hands are the devil’s playmate. How do we keep a positive outlook when little is happening?

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I got irritated with my pych doc because he never listened to me. It’s his way or the highway. I would change him out but I can’t, he is the only shrink at the vet center.

I feel like I’m healing just fine now.

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