Tocilizumab and covid-19

Hello. I write from Italy. We are fighting against covid-19. We have had 21 thousand cases. In Naples they started an experimentation on 250 patients of tocilizumab (already on the market) which reduces the inflammatory response that causes lung damage in covid-19 pneumonia. Of the first 10 patients, 5 improved significantly within 24 hours. The company that makes it (Roche) gave it to hospital for free


Thanks for that. That’s good news.

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Hi @LifetoHeal Thanks for the information.
My cousin is from northern Italy.

Really? In which city does he live?

Well That’s a Relief… . …


I Hate Needles

Milan 155444444

Red area! The outbreak of infection is 30 km from Milan

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I’m not sure if he lives in the red area

Another thing I heard was that doctors in Italy are wondering why there are no HIV-patients who get sick. They thought antiretroviral drugs protect against covid-19 pneumonia. Meanwhile in spain a person is cured with kaletra, a drug used against HIV

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Yes, my cousin said that in Italy they are using HIV drugs to help combat it.

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The [cytokine] storm has captured the attention of the public and the scientific community alike, and while the general notion of an excessive or uncontrolled release of proinflammatory cytokines is well known, the concept of a cytokine storm and the biological consequences of cytokine overproduction are not clearly defined. Cytokine storms are associated with a wide variety of infectious and noninfectious diseases. The term was popularized largely in the context of avian H5N1 influenza virus infection, bringing the term into popular media.

In 1993 a group in Boston, perhaps mindful of the recent Desert Storm war, coined “cytokine storm” to describe their observations in graft-versus-host disease (GVHD). The term next appeared in 2002 as a description of the disease mechanism in pancreatitis. As with GVHD, the idea was older than the aptly descriptive term, with a pro- and an anti-inflammatory cytokine being incriminated in this condition in 1992 and 1997, respectively. The first use of cytokine storm to describe the mechanism of an infectious disease was probably observed a year later, in 2003, in influenza encephalopathy. Subsequently, it was applied to variola virus and H5N1 influenza.

= sino biological

I know that the most harmful cytokine in covid-19 is IL-6

Remdesivir, the drug of choice, went from like $10 USD a gram to like $1888, from Chinese sources. That’s enough to treat one person.

Medical world will need cheaper alternatives, because that is a punishing markup.

Coronavirus puts drug repurposing on a fast track

Last month, Hangzhou-based Ascletis Pharma applied to the Chinese authorities to test two HIV protease inhibitors (ritonavir and [ASC09] in clinical trials to treat COVID-19, the illness caused by the new coronavirus (Table 1). And Suzhou-based BrightGene Bio-Medical Technology announced in early February that it would begin to manufacture Gilead Sciences’ remdesivir (GS-5734), a broad-spectrum investigational antiviral, as a treatment for coronavirus infection. Remdesivir, originally developed to treat Ebola virus and then dropped, will also be tested by Gilead in partnership [with Chinese health authorities] in randomized, controlled [trials]. “The general genomic layout and the general replication kinetics and the biology of the MERS, SARS and [SARS-CoV-2] viruses are very similar, so testing drugs which target relatively generic parts of these coronaviruses is a logical step,” says Vincent Munster, chief, Viral Ecology Unit, US National Institute of Health. Testing therapies approved for other indications also makes senses, as these drugs are already mass produced and available on a large scale.

= Nature 27/02/20

Remdesivir chemical formula: C27H35N6O8P

Structure: remdesivir

I am sorry that you are so stricken by covid-19. Your news about tocilizumab is encouraging. I’ve heard dire predictions on tv. I hate to say it, but this could be a dress rehearsal for future plagues.

Hello there! I’m from South Korea, which has about 8000+ infected persons. We hear your struggles through the televised news and we know the suffering. I hope your country recovers soon!