Tobacco makes my akathisia worse

I heard tobacco use can require some meds to be increased. Think maybe the doc should know I have been getting med side effects since smoking again

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Yeah I reckon it could because it’s stimulating. Those nicotine receptors in our brains makes it so hard. It’s like those opiod receptors. We never win with any of them and they only end up causing you problems.

I know that if your smoking then some surgery outcomes are poor. Just affects things somewhat and it’s not good. Better to find a hobby or something to occupy your time. I’m a big believer in volunteer work or something to keep you occupied if your on benefits. Keep the mind busy is always good for sz.

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I was a heavy smoker, and I stopped. But after six years stopped, I have no difference in meds.

I’m glad I stopped, however!


i smoke 12 smokes a day… maybe i’ll stop one day, not sure =p

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