Toady's been a bad day

My mood fluctuates so often.
I have a bad day today.
I’m a little depressed.
I’m still looking for ways to cope with these bad moments.

Just remember that you can get through this and things can get better.


I wish I had that parience.

When I’m feeling depressed, I can’t think of good days I had before.

Have you tried anti-depressants?

Hmm I take only Abilify now.
I’ve been telling this symptom to my doctor, but he only increased the dose of Abilify.

I don’t know if I’ve ever tried anti-depressants.
I’ve been on Abilify for the past 5 years and I don’t remember any meds before that.

I saw a commercial on TV where they recommended taking Abilify with an anti-depressant.

You must live somewhere in Europe because it is only 5:30 AM here in the Eastern United States. How can you possibly be having a bad day already, otherwise?

Maybe I should ask my doctor about this…

I’m living in Japan. It’s 6:30pm here.

Actually, “I am” having a bad day already.

But since it’s going to be the same day for us over here that you have already gone through, well then, thanks for the forecast. lol

It’s too early to decide.
Maybe some good things later on.

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bunny :rabbit: hug.
take care :alien:


Don’t take this personally, but… fix it with a pill?

And don’t tale this personally, either, but isn’t it clear that most of us here got conditioned, socialized, habituated and normalized to believing that a pill is The Answer? And that most of continue to suffer because the pills do not actually fix us? OR… if they do (usually only for a while), fix us at a very high price?

Is anyone out there starting to connect the dots here?

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Turned out to be a good day for me after all. Got a lot done.


Good to hear that :smiley:

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