To those Who Fall Short of Expectations

Some loser just shot 2 beautiful girls and a staff member of a St. Louis school. He called himself a loner who never dated a girl, and never had a life. Well to those of you of similar mind here’s something I’d like to say:

  1. The World doesn’t owe you a girlfriend. I used to whine the same way he did and I hurt some women too in the process. I have learned to accept that I may never have one and to enjoy being alone sometimes. Girlfriends can lead to children and that is a serious matter you may be able or not be able to handle. And no matter how much birth control you use it can fail. Don’t have a girlfriend unless you are willing to face that issue. I am sorry the World expects you to have one but when you are willing to harm them you don’t deserve one as it is.
  2. Yeah it’s unfair. No one asked you if you wanted to be mentally ill and you don’t deserve to be. It’s your bad luck. Learn to handle it.
  3. Use your gun buying money for better purposes. There are plenty of charities and other organizations who can do a lot of good with what you are using to do a lot of evil with.
  4. You have some social skills. You can write and you can buy things. Tone them up as well as you can and maybe you’ll find friends.
  5. Stop doing that ■■■■. Be the one who doesn’t resort to violence. No one will respect you for that.

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