To the parents on the forum what advice would you give me

I just found out I’m pregnant and I’m wondering what advice you have ? I’m a mixture of emotions right now.

What was is like for you with a newborn baby ? How did you cope ? We’re you sleep deprived ?


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No plan survives contact with your offspring. Do the best you can in the day you’re in. Try and do a bit better in the day that follows.


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Just spend your time with the baby. Don’t worry if your place is a bit of a mess. Sleep when your baby sleeps. Invest in a baby swing. It is a lifesaver. If nursing isn’t going well it is okay to bottle feed. Babies don’t come with manuals lol. The first few weeks are the toughest but they get better. Cry if you need to. Listen to music. Watch your favorite show. Do little stuff that’s just for you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help even if someone else holds the baby while you take a shower or do some laundry or whatever. Before baby arrives fill up your freezer with premade meals that you can just heat up with little effort. If you are nursing drink lots of iced tea. It helps milk production. (That advice came from a lactation nurse). Follow your instincts. Love that baby. Enjoy the firsts.


That’s wonderful advice @FatMama you must be an awesome mum.

I will def take you up on those tips. I can’t breast feed cause of my medication so it will have to be bottle fed.


You will do great! Us moms need to stick together and support each other. :two_hearts:


Mom used to heat up a hot water bottle and lay it in the crib before putting the babies down for the night…so they’d be warm and cozy and hopefully sleep better.

Here’s a cool website for new Moms…


And you’ll get to know your baby’s cries…the cranky cry…the hungry cry…the I’m in discomfort cry…etc.

The Mother/ Child bond is the strongest in Nature. You’ll be surprised how fast your Motherly instincts will kick in! :slight_smile:


I agree with both of them. No plan survives a child.

As soon as you are home, rest when possible. Always nap when baby does. Eat small meals often. Have healthy snacks on hand, especially if you plan to breast feed.

Breast is best, but fed is fed. Don’t let anyone shame you into breast or formula. Feed baby when baby is hungry, not on a schedule.

Have more diapers on hand than you think you will need. Start with a couple packs of newborn, move to size 1 quickly, they can be folded down to fit. Babies grow fast!

You will not go through all the clothes you buy. Babies do best in little socks, onesies, and or nightgowns with elastic through the bottom.

Babies feel temperature the same as you. Don’t over bundle, they can overheat.

Never put any child baby or older on a fad diet.

Don’t let anyone shame you for your parenting choices.

You WILL make mistakes. Thats OK. We all do. All you can do is your best.

Good luck and congrats!


When we first dropped a soother on the kitchen floor, my wife would boil it to disinfect it.

After a while we just used the ‘2 second rule’…blew on it and shoved it back in our child’s mouth. :laughing:

Play lots of music for your babies as well. They will respond to it. Their minds are like sponges.

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My advice is to involve your baby’s grandparents when you feel you need a break.


I agree with everyone here. For me, sleep deprivation was really hard. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to watch your baby for a night while you and your partner rest.

Communicate clearly with each other. Remember you are a team. Some days, I wanted to yell at Mr. Star because I was jealous he got to leave the house for work. Remember your needs are both important, and you need to help each other meet those needs.


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