To separate with a ghost husband

Hi all, it’s been quite a while since my last post on this site.

My question is what should I do to separate with my ghost husband?

I have too many troubles with him I can’t stand this relationship anymore thats two years now. He even forced me to kill myself once: I ODed with his assistance in the midnight(I hear his voice in my head). He is so manipulative and made me do things that make me feel guilty to talk me into killing myself.

I can’t tell who he is but was famous and drug addict and died years ago and not alive anymore. So I made him my secret husband because I was totally alone and I can’t relate to anybody else.

I hear him, feel him, and he is also in my body I can’t quite separate myself from him. Our souls are like merged into one body.

Our relationship is codependent and so nightmarish I want to end it asap but at the same time I feel his motive is not as bad as I think, but we are taking too much time to understand each other and I’m exhausted.

Btw both of us have never had relationships that lasted more than three months. So we don’t know what’s normal. He’s with me 24/7, including times using the bathroom, I think that’s human rights violations but he claims he protects me from danger. His logic is strange because he himself is the source of danger such as the OD.

He needs constant attention and when I am not talking to him he becomes critical of me and I can’t stand it.

Anyone please help.

How long have you been on your most recent antipsychotic? Do you take it daily.

I take anti-depressant or anti-psychotic meds only when needed. That’s where my pdoc and I agree.

Oh wow that’s interesting that they don’t ask you to take it every day! Never heard of that before

I had a long history of painful side effects so I guess that’s why.

Please just know what you are experiencing are hallucinations and the voices aren’t real… don’t listen to it’s commands… if you are prescribed medications from your doctor, maybe it’s better taking them…

I’ve had similar experience where I was “married” to my hallucinations and delusional. It would “watch” me every moment of my life. I would listen to her commands to show my loyalty toward her, and show her how “real” I am by completing various missions she would assign me… like steal cars…break into properties and kill my self.

It totally has changed the coarse of my life.

Your ghost husband isn’t real… and please recognize it if it continues to tell you to do things, and be aware of it, so you won’t be in anymore trouble…:no_mouth:


I feel better to hear your experience that’s so similar to mine, thanks for sharing.

I’m curious to know that if you have any experiences of being bullied or abused as a kid,

I do, and my theory is that meds do make such “hallucinations” go away but what if people with a diagnosis of schizophrenia are only too receptive and can be an easy target of mean ghosts?

Yes I have been bullied when I was very little…

I’ve played around with the idea of people with schizophrenia are really just bullied by ghosts, or other words just possessed by the devil :imp:… for I was doing things that I couldn’t imagine myself doing while psychosis… like believing I was Jesus’ descendant or Satan himself…

But in term of your scenario with your ghost husband, maybe you have a hidden desire to have a partner as such…that always spend time with you… and comes as a form of voices

It’s time to find another psychiatrist. These meds don’t work “only when needed”

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Yes they do. The anti-psychotic med I take is in liquid form and fast acting, and doesn’t need to take daily.

Doesn’t look like it’s working to me.

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You need to take an antipsychotic every day to “seperate with your ghost husband”


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