To Reconcile With Everyone!?

Does anyone else here feel the need to reconcile with a lot of people from the past? Or to ‘reconnect’ with them to put things right? For a lot of people, psychosis leads to disconnecting from people, and maybe for some, this followed a period of being self-centred and egotistical. I can safely say that I disappeared out of a lot of people’s lives with no explanations…

Would building the bridges help matters? Or is all that just way back in the past and it should be forgotten about?

A lot of us say (including myself)that we miss the days when we had friends and were social. I know that it may seem counterintuitive to reconnect with people when we might not feel well enough to live that kind of life, but would a short burst of ‘dropping in’ on people of our past be worthwhile?


I’m not sure. dropping by could be healthy but I wouldn’t expect things to be the same. I went through this when I wanted to be social again. rekindle past friendships or make new ones. ultimately I decided to make new friendships. but if I run into an old friend, I’m always open to an old friendship.


I don’t need to build bridges. They always wait for me to return to them. But I am not interested…

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I thought of this a lot.
My conclusion: life goes on. They move on with they’re lifes and I should do the same.
You can try reviving the friendship but it should not be the same


I dont do it mosltly

Sz psychosis is the opposite of ego. We usually want to be alone because it makes us happy, and with little use of others.

I don’t want that they see how I became.


Not sure. My old thief of a friend tried to engage me some years back. I didn’t put any effort into it. Folks here are right in that it won’t be the same and more importantly life goes on. I want to do just that. Continue onwards. I forgive but that bridge is charred and decrepit.

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