To my "friend"


Complain about my kids one effing more time and i will cut you from my life. You aren’t ■■■■ when it comes to my kiddos. I dare you you fat stupid ■■■■■■■


are you okay :dog::dog::dog:


Wut ? :confused:


Yeah just sick of a certain person who I welcome in my home and who dares to complain about my kids. They are kids.


I’m trying to help my friend who is a recovering alcoholic. He thinks he has a say about life here but he doesn’t


I am so sorry…I probably would’ve called them out on it if they did it to my kids…but then again…I have never had kids so I really shouldn’t talk.


I cut him short so he’d better stop. There are other things that are making me nuts. Trying to help sucks sometimes


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