To Much Information?

I was talking to some people who were saying that they don’t tell their family/spouses or care givers too much information about what they are feeling, or going through when an episode hits or even when something triggering is creeping up. They were telling me that they stay vague. “I’m feeing uneasy about this” or “I’m not feeling 100%”

Sometimes I’ve been very vivid and descriptive with a few family members, but I have to admit, after a while even my kid sis can’t take too much vivid description of the hallucinations, the panic, and the circus in my head. It’s not that she doesn’t want to know, it’s just if it’s too much info. She says she doesn’t know how to help me.

I have to admit, sometimes the best help would be to just let me say it. She can’t fix it, and I don’t expect her to. But just letting me tell someone about the faces coming out of the walls, the spiders, the multi colour fire, the tactile hallucinations, the voices is helping enough. She’s working on sitting still and listening to me when I get like this.

How much info do others pass on or keep to themselves?


That’s what this site is all about for me. It’s an outlet to get it out of my head, although I would never reveal so much that it would be used against me.
The hard part is keeping everything in.

I usually don’t tell ppl. I don’t want to make them worried. My husband is an expert at worrying. Haha

I have a 12 uears old boy who also gets too involved and takes care of me. That is so wrong, he needs to be a kid. So I don’t tell much.

He has asked about my psychosis, I’ve told him a little about my nicest hallucinations, like having a dog. He said he too wants hallucinations. :stuck_out_tongue:

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As for telling people in my life, I only say stuff that is funny, happy, and relevant to the conversation going on with my husband, all the rest, nothing, ever.

I tell 2 of my best friends some things. But it’s usually just about paranoid thoughts or delusions. They’re very accepting and helpful with these.

But with hallucinations, it’s a different story. I rarely tell anyone about them. Even my psychiatrist. I’ll let people know that I’m having them, but I don’t tell them the content of the hallucinations.

I do this because it’s hard for me to talk and describe my hallucinations. I feel like they get more powerful and frequent when I talk about them. So I rarely ever do.

That’s just me though. It sounds like it actually helps you to talk about them. I would encourage you to do what makes you feel better. But maybe spread these conversations out with a few different people, instead of just your sis.

I try to expand the number of people whom I talk to for help. So that my few friends don’t have to bare the burden of hearing about my paranoia all by themselves. That’s actually why I joined this site. It’s another avenue for support.

I’m also planning on starting to go back to my therapist. This is a great place to talk about what’s bothering you in a way that doesn’t alarm or scare anyone.

Have you tried individual therapy before?

well first thing i do is try to distract myself from these thoughts and things by doing something nice, i try and take my mind off of it, and if that doesnt work i will tell my friends what i am thinking like if i am paranoid i will be scared and lock the door and not want to leave the house (big indicators) if i am delusional i dont want to do anything like watch tv or the radio or read as i start connecting the dots 2+2=5 sort of thing lol,

i also cant sleep very well and i obsess about things and i will usually phone the help line if i feel like this as they help me and tallking about it does actually help me on meds. i go into more detail with the nurse on the phone than with my friend if she is there tho, sometimes i take an extra dose of medication but it is not recommended however i have been told to take a bit more at night before anyway so its ok for me i think.

I have a therapist that I go to now. I never seem to tell her as much. In hind sight, I will mention stuff like “I had this bad spider the other night” But I never seem to tell her about my more mild day to day ones. I don’t tell my friends. I will tell my parents sometimes if I feel like I’m becoming conspicuous.

When I tell the sis, I find it’s when I’m pacing in circles and talking faster and in a more manic mood. It’s probably the intensity of how I’m telling her as much as the content of what I’m telling her.