To L-Theanine Users

Fellow L-Theanine users I have a question for you guys,

Why do I get a tingling feeling between my eyebrows when I take it? I barely notice it, but at large doses it really tingles. What is that receptor called? If you know.

You can’t feel your brain working dude! There is a thick cranium between brain blood vessels and areas where you have nerves and muscles in your forehead. So you cannot literally “feel” your prefrontal cortex working. Why throughout history have people localized the source of human thought and emotion in the chest (the heart)? I don’t believe folks can feel electrical activity or blood flow in the brain.

Between eyebrows are the cranial sinuses, maybe you’re having an issue with those?

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I don’t know, it’s weird though. I don’t think it’s the prefrontal cortex because that’s located above your eyebrows, no?


I can feel the blood flow when I used to take adderall. It was like I felt saturated with the ability to function. Then it made me psychotic lol

Tingling in the front of your head is symptomatic of NMDA receptor stimulation which is exactly what L-Theanine does. It is probably harmless but I would not OD on it, I had that for awhile but then it stopped but the beneficial effects continued.

L theanine is about as useful as an astray on a motorbike…

I have heard that it does nothing for some people but it worked great for me.