To get love, give love

I have been sick for a long time. My heart has been in prison. I have been shy, guilty, and fearful. I have not been very social.
Now I want my heart to warm up. I am going to try to change within. I want to think love for others, and maybe show a little more love of others. I want to practice kindness. I want to take an interest in talking to other people.
If I am too shy to love, then at least I will love through my inner thoughts. I may be unable to love strangers, but I can improve my love for people I already know, such as family and friends.
A long time ago I realized I love people whom I wouldn’t normally think of. Such as a teacher. I also loved a news anchor on TV. I love some singers of music on the radio. When I was very lonely, I remember James Taylor’s song, “You’ve got a friend.” Perhaps you have a hero of your own to love?
My favorite song now is, “An Innocent Man,” by Billy Joel. I think it’s about love.
I have always loved my mother and she has always loved me. I have other family and friends too.


I am discovering my own desire to be a good person. I went to church for years without realizing that this is all they are asking. It was too scary. There is no threat behind my present longing to be a good person.


There is nothing to lose with trying to be a kind and loving person, except if people start to ask you to give them material stuff.

James Taylor is great. Lots of warm songs. “Shower the people” is another good one about love. Kenny Rogers and the first edition has one called “we all got to help each other”. Also a very nice tune about being a good person.

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