To exercise or not to exercise

Since the snow, I haven’t been going to the gym and I actually feel more relaxed now than when I went regularly. I’m just thinking the stress of going to the gym is as harmful as not exercising at all.

I work out once in a great while. I’m having knee and back issues. I have to be careful what I do.

as long as weight isn’t an issue for you not going might not be that big an issue (for me weight is an issue, I have to do 100 sit ups a day to keep the gut down and I still weigh 260…)

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I agree with Dremulf. You can go to gym whenever you like as you don’t have weight issue. When it is snowy, staying with a heater reading a book is a better choice.

joyoflife go’s to a GYM ever other day. I cant afford to do that so I work out here at home. so I have a bunch of gym stuff.

I think ive read somewhere that the antipsychotics make you stressed when you exercise, instead of the natural joy… Can anyone confirm that?

I find blood presser gos up faster and takes longer to come down from a work out.

That’s very interesting. My pulse goes way up when I’m at the gym. I figured I was just scared. I’ll consider medicated stress.

Doing sports is very much medicine to the body and mind. You can lose excessive weight and also shape up into a younger self. Also it helps you keep off disease, as the sports (especially cardio) improve your metabolism and imune system. I speak from experience, because when i was doing cardio every single day, i was never sick, even though everybody around me was having a cold or flu.

So i would recommend you to get back to the gym and do atleast 3 times a week a good 20-30 minutes of bicycle or treadmill.

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It doesn’t have to be the gym. You can go on walks, or do other exercise at home. I used to workout, but it’s gotten harder for me. I did almost nothing the past two years and feel terrible, but, just recently I’ve started going on a good walk every day and I feel better. I have Social Anxiety, so it can be really difficult. I make myself go. I put in the earbuds with good music and avoid busy streets…

I’ve been a person who picks up and drops regular exercise and yes not going can feel better but only after going for so long. After a little over a year in the gym, I can say that I’m starting to enjoy being at the gym more than enjoying the effects of taking breaks. In fact taking breaks depresses me because I told myself I would reach a goal and I took time off from that; and that is no bueno.