To everyone and Atabo


we are all ill, some in different ways , some of us sz, some paranoid sz, some sz affective,some sz with bipolar…etc…etc…
we do not all get along or agree on many things…some of us are bright, some of us very bright ( i do not include myself in that ! ).
our posts are colourful, rude, obscure…funny, depraved…and down right confusing. ( mine are in the last category ! )
but it is important that we are friendly to each other, that we converse in a polite manner, and that we are supportive and kind.
this is a safe place for everyone.
take care


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Do we have a hugging emoticon? I want to use a hugging emoticon.


I can’t find one here and I think there should be more emoticons, but you can google one and upload image as i do…


Lol…yeah, just like every day.


I’m technology impaired. Lol.


Now you are not… click the little icon that is 7 over from the left atop your reply screen and it will pull up screen where you can insert images…


I’m on mobile, I think the set up may be different.


Then you are not technology impaired…
Your technology is impaired…LOL


Jamesgirl always uses ((((hugs)))) or (hug).


I agree with darksith. Atabo’s posts are just long and more intellectual than me, so I can’t follow them. I wish I could.


That blue dot really looks like he is questioning the magenta dot’s intentions for a moment there.


@darksith you are a true gentleman sir. I try to be kind. I’m inspired by your kindness as well.

Thank you for your lovely post. Open hearted, open handed and at peace.


dark sith is humbled.
take care