To electric bass/guitar folks

Are there amps designed to work with both base guitars and normal electric guitars?

I was thinking for starters it might be a cheap way to be able to practice both.

I’ve been looking and can’t even find the name of what that kind of amp would be called.

I can’t trust what I’m seeing because they all just look like amps.

I know the requirements for each instrument are very different and would sound better with specified hardware… but I’m just wondering… I doesn’t even have to be loud… just has to over power the sound of the strings themselves.

Not sure.

I knew a dude once though who played his guitar on a humoungous bass amp, sounded great actually.

Could do that?

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Maybe… I’m assuming bass frequencies would wreck a normal amp… perhaps not the other way around though… good angle I’ll look into it.

Yeah it was nice.

Sounded very powerful that guys guitar on that amp in that town in that state in that country in this world in this universe in this dimension.

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I’m a bass player and dabble in guitar, I record DI to the desk though, haven’t used an amp in years.
If you have to get one amp for both, get a bass amp, a guitar amp is always under stress with a bass plugged in.

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